About us

  • Company with 40 years of experience dedicated to the purchase and sale of oil paintings for decoration. Our main objective is to offer decoration lovers exclusive paintings ,Handmade by professional artists and art students.

  • The store stands out for its exclusive focus on the sale of oil paintings for decoration, in our store the themes are not repeated numerous times, in most cases we only have a reproduction made by hand by a professional or semi-professional artist and we do not it will repeat itself. In this way, every time you browse our website you will see that we are constantly renewing our catalog.
  • The history of Decoartions is a testament to the passion for decoration and the commitment to exclusivity .

  • The online store remains true to its vision of offering oil paintings that are not multiplied by a thousand on the internet and becomes a space where decoration lovers find a wide variety of options to beautify their homes and offices.

  • In our store you will only pay for the artist's work, not for his talent. We make it possible for you to have a painting done by hand by a professional artist of great value without paying a fortune.

  • We work almost exclusively with oil because we consider that it is the best medium to achieve the desired results. Oil gives us a wide range of advantages, such as its smooth and creamy texture, its slow drying time that allows us to make corrections and work on details, the durability of the colors and its ability to create unique effects and textures in our paintings.