Nuevas tendencias

New tendencies

New trends in hand-painted oil paintings have evolved to reflect the creativity and individuality of contemporary artists. These trends have emerged in response to the demand for unique and original works of art that stand out in an increasingly digitized world. Here are some of the most prominent trends:

  1. Contemporary Abstraction: Abstract paintings are still popular, but now they are combined with contemporary techniques and more avant-garde styles. The artists explore new forms of expression and use vibrant colours, bold brushwork and intriguing textures to create compositions that defy reality and evoke deep emotions.

  2. Geometric art: Geometry has become a source of inspiration for many artists. Hand-painted oil paintings with geometric shapes and precise lines are on the rise. These works combine structure and symmetry with bold, contrasting colors to create striking, contemporary visual compositions.

  3. Nature Reinterpreted: Artists reinterpret nature through their own perspective and unique style. Whether through impressionistic landscapes or abstract depictions of natural elements, oil paintings capture the essence and beauty of the natural world in an exciting new way.

  4. Expressionist Figurative Art: Portraits and human figures become more expressive and emotional in the latest trends. The artists use energetic brushstrokes and intense colors to convey the intensity of human emotions. These renderings often stray from photographic accuracy to create a more striking and personal artistic experience.

  5. Conceptual art: Some artists use oil as a medium to express abstract and philosophical concepts. Through the combination of symbols, visual metaphors and symbolic colors, the conceptual paintings challenge the viewer to reflect on and interpret the message behind the work.

  6. Vibrant and contrasting colors: The current trend is towards the bold use of color. Artists experiment with unexpected color combinations and striking contrasts to create works that are both visually compelling and emotionally impactful.

These are just some of the new trends in hand-painted oil paintings. The beauty of this artistic medium lies in its versatility and in the ability of artists to innovate and explore new forms of expression. Each work of art is unique and represents the vision and creativity of the artist who created it.

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